Wednesday, May 04, 2005

We make plans and God laughs

Reality TV has been weeding its way through just about every single aspect of life. Most of these programs show pathetic people desperate for their 15 minutes of shame fame. I also believe that network honchos love these shows not just because they are cheaper than "regular" shows, but also they can highlight the lowest of our society. I'm sure it bolsters their own feelings of superiority.

That being said, there is a new reality show:

Five men, ranging from an atheist in the pornography trade to a former Protestant paramilitary, have found their lives unexpectedly transformed in the latest incarnation of reality television - the monastery.

I can just see the pitch for this show. Probably what sold them on the concept was the opportunity to ridicule and make a mockery out of religious life. They were probably plotting and crafting situations like crazy. Well, you can make plans all you want, but God is always in charge. And reality shows don't seem to be any different.

Although participants were not required to vote each other out, they faced the challenge of living together in a community and following a disciplined regime of work and prayer. By the end, the atheist, Tony Burke, 29, became a believer and gave up his job producing trailers for a sex chat line after having what he described as a “religious experience”.

Even though this is being aired on BBC 2, I hope that we will be able to see it here in America, too. It is so amazing to see God's hand at work.

Hat tip: Jackson's Junction