Friday, May 06, 2005

Hillary shows her true colors

Despite trying to appear "conservative" and in touch with her religious side (like she has one), Hillary can't truly hide who she is. So, who is she? A typical, tried and true, let's undermine parental influence, kill the innocent liberal.

Clinton — despite preaching moderation in recent speeches — will toe the Democratic line in the Senate in an effort to block a GOP-backed bill that just passed the House and makes it illegal for anyone to help a girl get a secret out-of-state abortion.

So what is the reasoning behind this?

"I don't believe that any young woman should have to make this decision alone. But, tragically, there are sometimes instances in which a young woman simply cannot involve her parents, including rape, violence or incest," Clinton told The Post (emphasis added).

What the h*ll? If anything like rape or incest happened to my daughter, I'd want to know immediately. How dare the government try to keep me from knowing! I want to see actually data that supports Hillary and the Democrats' claims that this happens so often that a law supported by the GOP making it illegal for someone to help a GIRL get a secret out-of-state abortion needs to be blocked. There is none. Liberals want to do everything they can to undermine our parental authority. What other explanation is there? I don't understand how anyone who has kids can read this and agree with the Democrats. My lord, I can't imagine either one of my children having surgery without my knowledge, especially one that has a far reaching psychological impact as well. This angers me beyond belief.

Hat tip: Lifelike Pundits