Thursday, May 19, 2005

So Shays wants to stay a Republican

According to The Hill, Rep. Chris Shays wants to remain a Republican despite constantly finding himself siding with the Democrats.

Shays would rather fight than switch.

Shays has a whole list of reasons as to why he wants to stay a Republican, but I suspect that there is a much different reason why he won’t switch parties. It is also the same reason that the “R” will remain behind McCain’s name as well. As long as they stay Republican, the media will continue to fawn over them.

When Shays spoke out against Tom Delay calling for his resignation, the media was there capturing his every word. His opinion was much sought after and he was wooed by every major news service.

When McCain said he agreed with the Democrats in regards to filibusters, he was courted by the MSM like a homecoming queen at prom time.

Why switch? They get so much more attention being a “maverick.“ If they, or any other RINO, switched parties, the MSM would drop them like a hot potato. They would cease to be special. Don’t believe me, ask Jim Jeffords (if you can find him, that is).