Monday, May 09, 2005

Someone explain this to me, please

I want to hear the liberal spin on why Michael would so cruelly deny Terri's parents access to their daughter's grave. Come on, someone explain this to me. Oh, because of the media frenzy surrounding them? This is their daughter, for goodness sake! The media frenzy that they invited during Terri's life was to save their daughter's life. I would have done the same for my daughter if I thought that it could save her life.

So why do I think Michael is doing this? To punish her parents. He has already proven to me that he has very little consideration for pain he inflicts on others. I have no doubt that he sees the Shindlers as a source of aggravation while he was trying to do away with his wife, so what better way to punish them than this.

Update: Upon further reading of the article, it seems that Michael hasn't even made funeral arrangement for his "beloved" wife. And he still won't tell her parents where he plans to bury her. What a piece of work.

Hat tip: Jackson's Junction