Saturday, May 14, 2005

I'm so tired...

Religion is not a political battleground. I'm tired of every political issue boiling down to WWJD. I don't remember this being such an issue before the election. Yes, there were political issues that were fought on religious grounds, but those were individual religious issues (i.e. abortion, gay marriages, death penalty).

So, what has caused this tremendous shift in political thinking? I believe that the MSM is to blame. They were clamoring to find a reason behind Bush's successful reelection campaign, especially since, to them, it seemed all indications were that Kerry would win. They had to find some previously unknown or unrecognized factor. Based on their polls, they immediately latched onto morality and religion. Since then, there has been a race to the religious, moral ground by both sides.

I have news for you guys. Jesus was not a Democrat or a Republican. In fact, he was pretty much apolitical. It is signs like this that really anger me:

Jesus Cares for the Poor, so do we. Democrats Make America Stronger.
-billboard in South Dakota, sponsored by

And before you accuse me of partisanship, I would be just as disgusted if it was supporting Republicans. I will admit that I am partisan, but enough is enough. Christianity is guiding force in a person's life. It should influence every decision a person makes. And when the Holy Spirit resides in a person's heart the decisions are not hard to make. I do believe that there are some in Washington who are guided by the Holy Spirit in their belief of Jesus Christ; however, there are many, on both sides, who are not. As a Christian, I say stop using Jesus as a political pawn to maneuver yourself and your party into power.

Hat tip: tdaxp and Polipundit