Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New Orleans to get a new airport?

Until last summer, my husband and I lived in the land of Disney. Believe me, it had many benefits, one of which was a great airport. The Orlando International Airport was almost an attraction in and of itself; it was a pleasure to fly in and out of. Contrast that to Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans. It has to be one of the worse airports in the country, partly because it is locked into its location by development and wetlands. It has no place to expand. It is difficult to navigate into and out of, confusing to find your way around, small and, well, just plain boring with nothing of interest to do if you are stuck there for any amount of time. I've always felt that the airport was one of the hinderances on New Orleans' tourist industry. Most people from outside of New Orleans hate flying into the airport. For New Orleans' sake, I hope a new airport is in the future.

New Orleans officials are studying the possibility of building a new airport in suburban St. Charles Parish or in eastern New Orleans that would totally replace the current Louis Armstrong International Airport.

The Bonnet Carre concept, developed by Corgan Associates of Dallas, which is drafting the airport's strategic master plan, proposes carving out 2,751 acres from the 7,678-acre spillway and improving the water flow in the remaining acreage so flood protection is not diminished.
Armstrong International sits on 1,600 acres.

Kenner Mayor Phil Capitano said he's glad Armstrong officials seem to have realized that plans to expand the current facility are futile.
"They're landlocked where they are," he said. "In trying to expand, they're trying to put a square peg in a round hole."

With present and future technological advances in aviation, the need for more airport space is inevitable. Airport officials need to act now. A new airport can only help New Orleans and surrounding areas. It would attract industry and business, create more jobs and enhance the tourist industry.

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