Friday, June 17, 2005

Why? Why? Why?

Ever since hearing about Traitor Dick's comments comparing Gitmo to the Gulag, Nazi concentration camps and Pol Pot's labor camps, I have been racking my brain trying to figure out his ultimate goal. Is his hatred of George Bush such that he would make such outrageously false statments? Statements that only serve to incite further ammunition to our enemies? Does he not realize that our enemies need no further provocation to try to bring us to our knees and destroy, not just our brave soldiers, but everything that Mr. Durbin claims to hold dear?

Durbin wants to embarrass the President. To what end? To de-legitimize his presidency. Ok, then what? Is this the way to regain power? And if this strategy is successful, what would they be gaining power of? A weak-willed, undermined, shell of a super-power country that the rest of the world would never take seriously again. We will be the whipping boy of every terrorist cell group. Our defeat will be a source of tremendous pride for them. What a feather in the cap of Mr. Durbin that will be.

Mr. Durbin is not alone in his hatred for our President. But this hate is very much misplaced. If only they would display one-tenth of that hatred towards the true villians in this world, imagine how much safer our world would be.