Sunday, June 12, 2005

Calling all liberal Democrats

Bulldogpundit over at Ankle Biting Pundits has issued a challenge to all of our liberal friends (or foes, depending on how you see yourself). So what is the challenge?

We'd like any liberal to explain to us what is exactly is the Democrats "message" right now. Here's the only caveat - you can't say anything about President Bush or the Congressional Republicans, because saying "No" is not a "message". For example, in 1994 the GOP had the "Contract With America" which stated actual things they were going to do when they got into office, and offered alternative policies and ideas to what the Democrats were doing. So go ahead guys, have at it. What is the Democrats "message"?

I, for one, would honestly like to know what the Democrats' message is. I respect the two party system. If each side offers valid arguments, it can only make our country stronger. So, I encourage anyone who aligns themselves with the Democrats or considers themselves a liberal to please take this challenge.

But remember the rule, no bad-mouthing the President or the Congressional Republicans. If you have to use personal attacks, you need to re-evaluate your arguments. Those that use insults, come across as not having any valid arguments and rebuttals.