Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I wonder how you would fix 'em?

I was watching the new show "Beauty and the Geek" (an interesting show, by the way) during which the contestants were asked a question about lug nuts (the bolts that hold on the wheel of a car). That reminded me of a funny story about my cousin "M."

During college, I lived with my aunt and uncle and 3 cousins. One weekend, my uncle hooked up his boat to the car and we all took off for a camping trip.

So, there we were, riding down the interstate, laughing, cutting up and just having a good time, when we start to notice that our fellow drivers are looking at us as they pass. My aunt is convinced that everyone is looking at this car full of kids acting crazy, but we soon realized that that is far from the truth. Finally, a concerned driver is able to get across the message that a tire on the boat trailer is about to fall off!

After immediately pulling over to check, my uncle finds out that he forgot to tighten the lug nuts after changing the tire on the boat trailer. He fixes the problem and we continue on our way.

Once we arrive at the campgrounds, our tire adventure is just about forgotten. That is until, we run into some friends of my aunt and uncle's and 8-year-old "M" shouts:

We would have been here sooner, but my dad needed to fix his love nuts!