Thursday, June 09, 2005

What will happen to Dean?

As more and more top Democrats begin to distance themselves from and publicly disagree with Howard Dean, I began to wonder what will happen to him? As I see it, there are two possible scenarios:

(1) We will start to see less and less of Dean. He will give in to the pressure to curtail his rhetoric by limiting his public appearances .

(2) He will continue down his current path, actually becoming more and more wild in his statements about the Republican Party. He will become fueled by his opposition within the Democratic Party. Soon, the party will remove him from his chairman’s seat and use that action as a jumping off point for the campaign to embrace the centrists and independents. They (Democrats ) will demonize Dean as a left extremist who tried to “hijack” the party. Democrats will hold their centrists up as heroes who saved the party, as well as America, from extremists everywhere. Thus, Howard Dean's next role will be as Democratic scapegoat.

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