Sunday, June 19, 2005

If you need further proof

Tonight, I was surfing Blog Explosion again and ran across this post about on Matching Tracksuits regarding a recent trip to Auschewitz-Birkenau.

Kinga and I went to Auschwitz-Birkenau yesterday. It’s only now that I can appreciate the scale of the Holocaust. Reading Hitler’s Willing Executioners, seeing Schindler’s List, thumbing through albums — it’s not the same. Walking under the sign, “Arbeit Macht Frei,” standing in a gas chamber, walking along the barbed wire, standing by the railroad tracks where selection was made — only then did the number of Holocaust victims (up to ten million) begin to take on any personal, tangible significance for me.

While reading it, a single thought kept coming to my mind: "Dick Durbin thinks our soldiers are equivalent to these monsters?" He should be beyond ashamed of himself. There are NO excuse for his comments.