Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What a great lesson

I was directed to this article by Josh over at Freedom Of.... It's titled "I Still Love Homosexuals."

Unsure how I, a former homosexual, received an invitation to speak two consecutive weeks to a gay/lesbian organization at a major university, I readily accepted. I arrived well ahead of time to mingle with the students, shake hands, and get to know them.

Though I felt like a ham at a bar mitzvah, I shared with the twenty-five to thirty homosexuals how, from an early age, I felt "different"; how, upon reaching puberty, I was attracted to other men; and how, after eleven years of homosexual activity, I told God, "It's over! Homosexuality is an illusion, a dead end! Homosexuality promises a lot, but delivers little!" I told them homosexuality was a sin, immoral, and that God punishes sin.

It is a definite must read.

It proves the wisdom of my step-father's advice:

Don't distance yourself from those that don't know Christ. Don't judge them either. Both will never lead them to know Christ. Be an example of Christ's love to everyone.