Thursday, June 23, 2005

A must-read for all liberals

Thanks to John Hawkins over at Right Wing News for trying to comfort our liberal loved-ones.

Here goes, here's the truth about conservatives:
-- We don't want to put you in camps.

-- We're also overwhelmingly opposed to the idea of a police state.
-- We detest Fascism & Nazism, just as we detest Communism.
-- We also don't believe there's any danger of America becoming a Fascist country.
-- We don't believe Bush is "another Hitler" or that there is any chance America will become "another Nazi Germany".
-- We're overwhelmingly against a draft.
-- We don't believe it's unpatriotic to disagree with the President.
-- As a matter of fact, many of us disagree with the President, particularly when it comes to illegal immigration and deficit spending.
-- Not only do we believe in following the Constitution, we believe we're much more serious about doing so than our political opponents.
-- We believe conservative economic policies are more beneficial to poor and middle-class Americans than liberal policies.
-- We're overwhelmingly opposed to the idea of creating an American empire.
-- We don't believe the Bush administration let 9/11 happen on purpose or made it happen on purpose.
-- We don't believe Iraq was a war for oil.
-- We don't think the war in Afghanistan was about oil or a pipeline.
-- We don't believe Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction.
-- We don't dislike people because of their skin color.
-- We don't believe the vote was rigged in 2000 or 2004.
-- We would rather lose an election than cheat to win.
-- We're totally opposed to theocracy and dominionism.

I sure hope that this clears things up. There are too many legitimate things that we disagree about. We shouldn't be quibbling about things that just aren't true.