Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Yea, I'm getting one of these

I just received this email:

April 13, 2005
Contact: Gene Mills, Executive Director, 225-344-8533

Press Release/Media Advisory

Louisiana Loves Life!

LFF Response to Reinstatement of Choose Life Plates
Baton Rouge—Louisiana Family Forum, a member of the Choose Life Council, is pleased to congratulate the Louisiana Attorney General's Office in their successful defense of the "Choose Life" license plate as well of all of the other specialty plates that were enjoined by the federal district court over a year ago.
“We applaud the 5th Circuit’s ruling in this case,” said Gene Mills, LFF’s executive director. “This is a great victory for our state and for parents desiring to adopt children in Louisiana.”

Organizations receiving monies under the Choose Life law will use the funds to provide for the material needs of expectant mothers considering adoption for their preborn child, including clothing, housing, medical care, food, utilities, and transportation. They will also use the monies to meet the needs of infants awaiting placement with adoptive parents and for counseling, and training.

Louisiana Family Forum’s legal counsel has asked the court to immediately allow the re-issuance of the specialty plates by the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Court based its decision of the Tax Injunction Act which prohibits federal courts from enjoining state taxes. The Court agreed with the State's argument that these specialty plates are revenue raising tools approved by the Legislature, and therefore could not be enjoined by a federal judge. The court also required Planned Parenthood to return fee awards that they had received through the lower court ruling.
“We encourage everyone to go out and get their Choose Life plate as soon as possible,” suggested Gene Mills. “Louisiana loves life and this is a great way to support that assertion!”
Citizens may apply for specialty plates by calling 1-877-DMV-LINE or by visiting their local Motor Vehicles’ Office.

I had a "Choose Life" license plate in Florida and really looking forward to driving around with a Louisiana "Choose Life" plate. You can read more here.