Sunday, April 03, 2005

We are America!

I am so tired of hearing liberals whine and complain about how other countries, especially European nations, are so much better than America. This extends all the way up to the Supreme Court. How our forefathers must be spinning in their graves! Our ancestors made many sacrifices to get away from Europe and to start a better life here. Our courts SHOULD NOT be looking to other countries when making rulings. To declare something unconstitutional should require that they actually base that decision on OUR constitution. I don't care about "world opinion." And thank God, neither did our Forefathers. We are America! Since when do we need to apologize for our laws. I can guarantee that the French don't have the slightest bit of concern about what we Americans think when creating new laws (they obviously don't care that we think they are the biggest cowards). Do we have to poll the world now? This is absolutely ridiculous. We are America!!!! Where would Europe be without us?

When my husband and I decide to establish family rules, we don't go around and find out what our neighbors are doing. No, we decide based on our family, our background and our belief system, all of which is unique to us.

I know that I am rambling, but this burns me up!