Friday, April 22, 2005

If you live in Louisiana, please read this

I just received this email Gene Mills, Executive Director of Louisiana Family Forum:

I write this afternoon with an urgent message. It is imperative that you (yes, you) call Senator Mary Landrieu's offices right away to encourage her to support an up-or-down vote in the U.S. Senate for the president's judicial nominees. Her numbers are at the bottom of this email.

We've been informed that the opposition is calling her right now and the numbers are FIVE to ONE against us!

Why is this so important? Answer this question for your family: Do we want Christian judges on the bench? If so, it's time for us to act.

Background: Senate Democrats have been preventing qualified (primarily Christian) judges from being voted on by the full Senate. This is sheer bullying. They don't want judges who share your family's values on the federal courts--because they know the importance that federal court decisions hold today.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., will force a Senate showdown before Congress breaks on May 27 for its Memorial Day recess. Now that Texas judge Priscilla Owen and California judge Janice Rogers Brown have been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has two nominees to push forward in his battle against Democratic filibusters that conservatives hope their allies will rally around.

It now takes 60 votes to shut down a filibuster in the Senate, which has 55 Republicans, 44 Democrats and one independent. That means 41 senators (including Mary Landrieu) can stall a nominee.

Please call her offices today!
New Orleans – 504-589.2427
Baton Rouge – 225-389.0395
Shreveport – 318-676.3085
Lake Charles – 337-436.6650
Washington, D.C. – 202-224-5824

For your family and mine,Gene

I've contacted her. Have you?