Friday, April 29, 2005

I was wrong about Democrats

It seems that they do have a plan for Social Security. Jonathan over at GOP Bloggers set off today on what seemed to be a difficult task - discover the Democrats' solution for Social Security. He began at what seemed to be logical starting point - Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's office. Despite being the one place that should know about any plans or solutions the Democrats have, Jonathan stuck out. The staffer Jonathan talked had no clue about any Democrat Social Security plan. Of course, she definitely knew that Reid was opposed to the President's plan.

Undaunted, Jonathan next tried Sen. Charles Schumer's office. And lo and behold the Democrats DO have a plan to fix Social Security. So what is it you ask? Come on, its the Democrats we're talking about here. Do you really need to ask how they would fix Social Security? Let's say it together - Raise taxes. Oh yeah, and cut benefits.

She pointed me to the Diamond-Orszag Plan, which, as explained to me, mimics the 1983 Greenspan Commission.

Essentially, the Diamond-Orszag plan, and, if that is the basis for the Democratic alternative, the Democrats' Social Security plan is a combination of tax increases and benefit cuts.

So, why don't the Democrats go and lay their plan out for the American public? Probably because they don't want to reinforce what the American public already knows about them - they are the party of higher taxes.