Thursday, April 28, 2005

A prediction

I thought that Pres. Bush did very well tonight getting his message out in regards to Social Security reform. But I have a prediction.

I predict that we will see a liberal spin against the President's proposal that will result in an increase of social security benefits to lower income and the lowering of benefits to those that are less dependent on the system. The MSM will all of a sudden "discover" what the government calls "wealthy" and cry foul. They might even compare a modern-day "wealthy" income with the equivalent 1950s income and project how that would effect those current seniors. Something like this:

An income of $50,000 today is the equivalent of an annual income of $10,000 in 1950. If President Bush's plan were in effect in 1950, today's seniors would have $XXX less money in income from Social Security than they do under the current Social Security plan.

We will see if I'm correct. If I am correct, I can pat myself on the back. If not, I guess you will be reading this in the Bonfire of the Vanities.