Friday, April 01, 2005

My memories of the Pope

Like I said in a previous post, I attended Pope John Paul II High School. When I was a sophomore, the Pope came to New Orleans. There was hope that John Paul would stop by his namesake school (ours was the first school named after him). Eventhough the school visit was not able to take place, I was able to go hear the mass given by the Pope at the University of New Orleans. The crowd was so large that the Mass was held outside and I remember that the weather was horrible. It rained unbelievably, until the Pope came out and started the Mass. The rain stopped for the duration of the Mass. I remember the very tangible feeling of excitement that filled the air. We knew that we were all in the presence of a great man. I know that no one who was in attendance that day will ever forget it. I still look for the pavillion specially built for that day everytime that I drive past the campus of UNO.

Please pray for the Pope's last moments to be peaceful and serene.