Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The time has come

Wictory Wednesday

For what? To end the partisan bickering over judicial nominees. We, the American people, deserve better from our elected officials. This childish behavior must end. President Bush's judicial nominees deserve a simple yes or no vote from the Senate. Do the Democrats seriously want to shut down the government just to prove that they can thwart Republicans. Or is it because they are angry, pouty little children who don't want to accept that they are not in charge anymore. If we are a republican form of government, which we are, then Congress is to represent what their constituents want. Face it, whether you like it or not, Republicans ARE the majority because a majority of Americans elected them.

So what can you do? Contact your local Senator and tell them to end the judicial filibuster and tell them to vote yes or no on President Bush's judicial nominees.