Monday, July 11, 2005

Sometimes you've just gotta fight

I was surfing through the blog 4 rows back in the bleacher seats when I found this post. Mark sums it up great as to why sometimes you just have to fight.

Even as a 9th grader, I was still one of the shortest kids in school, and that made me a target for those bigger kids, we sometimes refer to as "bullies". Often they would accost me in the hallways, or in the restroom, and pick me up, I suppose, to demonstrate their physical strength, although picking up a 65 pound kid doesn't require great strength. But it's the only reason I can think of to explain that behavior. I hated that picking up thing. But I suffered it because I was afraid if I resisted I would be "beat up". This fear only served to encourage the bully treatment.

One day, an older boy named James Wilder, who was at least a foot taller than me, approached me in the restroom, with the intention of practicing the most popular humiliation technique upon me that others like me had suffered before, that is, forcing my head into a toilet bowl. Bad idea on his part. My parents had always taught me that fighting was never the preferred option, but sometimes the only one.I was grabbed and dragged kicking and struggling to the nearest stall. I knew what he intended to do. At this point, I had some choices.

1. I could let it happen, and hold my wet head in my hands crying and feeling sorry for myself.
2. I could let it happen and, as soon as I could, run to the principals office and report him.
3. I could fight and maybe spare myself from the ultimate humiliation.

I chose to fight. And I beat the crap out if him. And my head stayed dry. But more importantly, I was never bullied again. By anyone. (emphasis added)

Unfortunately, fighting is the only "language" that some people respond to. Despite all of our lofty notions about how civilized people are, human nature does not change. Sometimes to preserve yourself and peace, you have to fight.