Sunday, July 10, 2005

Paula to make spectacle of herself, again

I really don't have much doubt that Clinton did make some sort of sexual overture towards Paula Jones. I mean, look at his taste in the women that we know about. But, I think, that at this point, Jones really needs to let it go. Her actions since filing a lawsuit against Clinton have only served to work against her claims. She is way beyond just standing up for herself. Now she is just another desperate "celebrity" wanna-be who craves the spotlight.

Paula Jones plans to make her first visit to the Bill Clinton presidential library a profitable one _ she plans to wear a T-shirt emblazoned with a sponsor's name.
"I'm going to make a big show out of it," said her publicist, David Hans Schmidt. "Paula is basically going to go to the Clinton Library and go on a tour like the faithful taxpayer that she is."
The visit is expected to take place sometime later this month, and Schmidt said it would be followed by a news conference.

The only people interested in this are those who want to watch her make a fool out of herself. Absolutely ridiculous.