Thursday, July 07, 2005

See ya, Cindy.

Time to get ready for Dennis.

I can't believe how active this season is turning out already. I hope that Louisiana is not the target this year. I also worry about my family and friends in Florida. Last year, we moved from Florida exactly one month before the first hurricane hit. The ironic thing is that during the eight years I lived there (my husband was raised there), we never had one hit. We used to joke that Florida had a big bumper around it. Even storms that were expected to hit (to the point of closing Disney) would make a last minute detour and brush the coast on the way up the eastern seaboard. I guess last year proved us wrong. A lot of my friends had very significant damage. One of my friends even had her house condemned. I pray that they don't have to experience more.

Well, enough rambling from me. I'm going out to enjoy the sunshine and blue skies while I can.