Friday, May 26, 2006

This is good news for the city of New Orleans

Ding dong, the council's dead

Majority of New Orleans City Council gone

The guard is changing at the New Orleans City Council today. It was the last meeting for members defeated in last week's elections. Out are Jackie Clarkson, Jay Batt, and Renee' Gill Pratt. Eddie Sapir is also leaving after reaching his term limit.

This all means there will be four new members on the seven person council. They are Arnie Fielkow, Shelley Midura, Stacy Head and James Carter.

I have often said that a lot of the problems that faced Nagin over the last four years were created by the City Council. Sapir was one of Nagin's biggest critics. The council would oppose much of what Nagin wanted to do. It will be interesting to see how this new board works with the mayor.