Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My frustration mounts

Each day that goes by, I can feel my frustration mounting. I look around and I see so many things wrong with our country and feel absolutely powerless. We are no longer heading down a slippery slope. We are rolling full force.

I am frustrated with myself. For those of you dying to know, the topic that I am wrestling with in regards to blogging is homosexuality in our culture. Even though I feel to my very core that I am correct, it is a can of worms that I don't want to open yet. I'm sure one day my anger with surpass my timidness. I am frustrated with my own cowardliness and timidity.

I am frustrated with our local leaders. They continue to feed into politics as usual here in Louisiana. As I have noted before, nothing here has changed nor will it ever.

I am frustrated with Louisianians, specifically in the southeast. The culture here is, to be nice, unique. Historically, people who are born here never leave. They tend to grow up, get married and move down the street from their mammas. That way of living leads to very narrow thinking. Especially since in the last couple of decades, as the economy of Louisiana continues to decline, we have lost, and continue to lose, our best and brightest. What we are left with are a majority of people that are desperately clinging to a way of life that has become obsolete. They have no idea how they are hurting themselves and the state. I had no idea how bad it was until I moved back here two years ago. Even before Katrina, Jim and I decided that we don't want to live in the state any longer that we have to.

And now I am frustrated with national politics and our leaders. Leaders who have, until now, offered a glimmer of hope that the ideas of our founding fathers are not a distant memory alive only in the words of their works like The Federalist Papers, Common Sense and my favorite - our Constitution. With every word that I hear from elected officials, that glimmer of hope gets dimmer and dimmer.

I have always been able to find things to be positive about and have tried to remain optimistic, but I admit it is getting harder and harder. What will become of America? Where are we heading? The obvious answers scare me.