Saturday, April 22, 2006

Will Katrina wash away GOP, too? Dean says yes!

Not only did Katrina's waters wash away people's homes, businesses and lives, but, according to Howard Dean, also the GOP.

Howard Dean: Katrina will put GOP out of business
In his first post-Katrina visit to the Crescent City, Dean helped Acorn, a nonprofit community group that works with low-income families, to clean out Vincent Cooper's flood-damaged home on Derbigny Street in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans.

"I don't want to be partisan at a time like this, but this is why the Republicans are going to be out of business," Dean said, pointing to the destruction around him. "Nine months after the hurricane, to have this? This is ridiculous. This is not the America we grew up in."

When asked if he thought Americans had moved beyond Katrina and may forget about the storm by the time the November elections rolled around, Dean replied, "This is a searing, burning issue, and I think it is going to cost George Bush his legacy and it's going to cost the Republicans the House and the Senate and maybe the presidency in the next election. People will never forget this."

First, his FIRST visit to New Orleans is 8 months after the storm? If I was head of the DNC (oh, Lord, get that thought out of my head), I would have been here a lot sooner. Especially if I was planning on making this a big campaign issue.

Second, let's think this whole Republican thing through.
President - Republican
Governor - Democrat
Mayor - Democrat
City Council - All Democrats, but one
New Orleans Levee Board - 8 members: 6 appointed by the Governor, 1 appointed by the Mayor, 1 appointed by the City Council.

Oh, yeah, I see where he is going with this.

Blogs for Bush reminds us that Dean said the same thing about Terri Schiavo.