Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tonight's American Idol

I am going to try to blog this as I watch it. I'm feeling a little bit better, so I hope that I can do this.

Start off with a brief history of Rod Stewart's career. This should be an eye-opener for my Grandma. This past weekend my grandma told me she didn't realize that he had been around for a while.

Chris Daughtry - "What a Wonderful World"
Wow! I'm loving this soft side of Chris already. He has a great voice. There is no way that Simon isn't going to love this performance.

Well, I was right. All three judges loved it.

What a great way to start off the night. I hope the other contestants can live up to Chris' performance.

Paris Bennet- "Remind Me of You"
This is obviously going to be the best show yet. Paris has chosen a great song, too. Of course, it could be that this is my favorite music.

I love the simple clothes and hair. You can focus on the music. She just exudes Billie Holliday. This was perfect for her.

I agree with Paula. I would definitely buy an album if she made one in this genre.
Simon must be getting in a good mood tonight. I wonder if he was having his doubts with the previous weeks' performances. So far, they are redeeming themselves tonight.

After the break - my favorite: Taylor

Taylor Hicks - "You Send Me"
Man, I wish I had seen the Taylor parody on SNL.
I love this song. I swear I could just listen to him for hours. I will be the first one in line to buy any CD he puts out and to buy tickets to a concert. I'm just bummed out that I didn't know he existed when he was playing close to here. I would have driven to Alabama to see him.

I love him! He makes me happy! He makes me forget that I'm sick. Great job, Taylor!

Randy agrees with me that these guys are doing great jobs tonight.
I wish Paula would get her hair out of her eyes.
Wow! Simon called it magic. He is going to go home in a good mood tonight.

Elliott Yamin - "It Had to Be You"
Cute way to start off the song. I actually like this and I haven't been a big Elliott fan in the past. I'm so glad that his hair is growing out. Good, good - no bouncing. This is his best performance yet.

Man, I just noticed Paula's chest. Holy cow.
I disagree with Simon. This was the first time that I actually liked Elliott's singing personality. He was very cute.

Killie Pickler - "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered"
This could the night that Kellie stumbles in the eyes of the voting public.
Well, it isn't too bad so far. She looks good. A couple of off notes. This is definitely turning out to be the worst of the night - not that she isn't doing an ok job. Ooohhh, key change has thrown her off. And a bad couple of notes at the end.

The judges agree with me. Kellie might end up going home. She will definitely end up in the bottom three.

What the heck did Ace do to his hair? He must read blogs because I just read today on Sisterhood of the Traveling Idol Blogs that he should change his hair.

WHAT ACE NEEDS TO DO: What Ace has going for him, that most of the other guys are lacking, is raw sex appeal. As my friend K-Dawg would say, he is "universally attractive." Ace needs to play that up and choose a song that will make teeny-boppers and grandmothers swoon in their...family rooms. He should mix it up, looks-wise, as I've been suggesting for weeks. He should wear a suit and do something new with his hair (which is getting really kind of scary). The new look would automatically create buzz and would probably buy him a few extra votes. He needs to 86 the trained seal slow clap. And he needs to choose a song that is both sexy and regcognizable.

Ace Young -"That's All"
I don't like the hair. He looks like he's with the mafia. He is also sounding very nasal. Stop with the falsetto, man.

I disagree with Randy. I don't like the falsetto.
Ha, Simon agrees with me about the nasal thing.

I think he will be in the bottom three.

Last, but definitely not least is Katherine McPhee. I can't imagine her doing poorly with this genre.

Katherine McPhee - "Someone to Watch Over Me"
I hope that she wears something elegant. This is one of my favorite songs to sing (did I mention that I was a singer, too). I would love to see her in a beautiful formal gown. She is such a pretty girl, but the stylists just don't dress her to her best. I mean - pants? Really?

The song was great, of course. She did a great job. Just imagine if she would have worn an elegant gown.

All three judges love her.

I have no idea who will be in the bottom three other than Kellie and Ace. I would love for either one to go home tomorrow.

Tomorrow's show will be interesting.