Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hello Katrina!

So, here we are in Southeast Louisiana waiting for this terrible storm. If I listen to the news broadcasters, this will be my last few days on earth. Yes, we are choosing to stay and ride it out. We are going to be prepared for a last minute evacuation, but really I'm somewhat optimistic. I am mostly worried about a tree falling on my house. Another added concern is flooding. But we have decided to look on the bright side. If my house floods, then I can get new furniture. If a tree falls on the house, then I get to enlarge my bathroom. Maybe even redo the kitchen. Of course, Jim told me that it doesn't count if I chop them down myself. So, anyway, we win. I always like to look on the bright side.

Tomorrow night, we will all be camping out in our family room. Me, my hubby, my two kids, my mom, my stepdad, and their chihuahua, Mr. Bean. It should be fun. I will write as soon as I can. Hopefully, the electricity won't be out too long. If it looks like we won't have electricity for a while, I think that we are going to head over to Florida and go visit family and friends. Spend the rest of the week at Disney. Again, another winning situation either way. I am determined to stay positive!

What is weird is to look around the town and think that the landscape in a couple of days might look entirely different.

Now we just begin the long wait. Waiting, waiting, waiting... Pray for us.