Thursday, November 01, 2007

I do believe in miracles

One thing I haven't written about was my step-father's mother, Mimi (not to be confused with my cousin Mimi).

Mimi hasn't been doing well. She fell at her nursing home and hit her head which caused internal bleeding. I think the official diagnosis was a head contusion. Even though surgery was performed, she showed no signs of improvement. In fact, as the days passed, her condition deteriorated to the point that hospice was called and preliminary funeral arrangements were made. Her family decided to move her to a nursing home in Lacombe under the care of hospice to live out the rest of her days.

Last Saturday, as my husband called our church, Aldersgare Methodist Church, to update them on my grandmother's condition, he also added Mimi to our church's prayer list. Aldersgate has a wonderful care team whose job is to continually pray for those in need.

Last night, my stepdad told me that Mimi has made a miraculous recovery. She is sitting up and holding conversations with people. She is even better than before she fell. Her condition has improved 180 degrees and hospice has been cancelled.

It is in times of difficulty that I find my strength in my faith. I may not understand how or why God chooses to do these things, but I find peace and comfort in knowing that he will always answer prayers. We are blessed.